Beauty begins with your hands

SOIE is his French and he means silk.

We launched this brand with the desire to release the "hands", which are overworked in our daily lives from dryness and damage, and deliver silk-like shine and smoothness.

SOIE specializes in the beauty of "hands" and is a brand that has been researched and developed with a focus on "total hand care" in order to continue to embody the original beauty.


Confidence is born from hands

As a working mom, I was busy with work and housework, and it was "hands" that I neglected care.

When I took a break from the hustle and bustle, I noticed the dryness, wrinkles, and dullness of my hands wrapping the coffee cup. She hurriedly painted her favorite pink-beige nail polish, but she couldn't help but feel depressed. I tried moisturizing with hand creams and lotions, but I ended up with fingerprints on the products I deal with at the store I work at, and I couldn't open the container when I was preparing meals. .

I couldn't feel the satisfactory effect, and my hands, which had become dry once, didn't recover well, and my worries about my "hands" only deepened.

Based on my actual experience, I decided to launch SOIE with the desire to create highly effective beauty products that can beautify your hands easily and reliably even during busy days and daily routines.

With the support of beauty experts and medical professionals for the "hands", we continued to develop products with high beauty and nutrition that lead to the original beauty of the "hands". After using the prototype for a while after trial and error, the original smoothness and softness gradually reappeared. had.

I would be happy if I could share the wonderful experience of "beauty of hands starting with SOIE" to those who have troubles that I have experienced and want to make their hands even more beautiful.

Founder Saori Miyoshi