"A story of the hand" presents by SOIE vol.1

“A story of the hand” presents by SOIE vol.1

“A story of the hand” presents by SOIE

In this article SOIE For people with various occupations who are concerned about

I would like to ask you about the "hands".

The first time we talked to you was SOIE professed to be a fan of

salon des bioterrasse This is Yuki Yamazaki, the representative of (Salon de Vioterrace).


“Hands that make women beautiful Yuki Yamazaki”

SOIE (Less than S. ): Mr. Yamazaki, you have a unique career in the beauty industry, and I heard that you originally worked in the apparel field. You have been active in a wide range of fields, from sales to PR, so why did you change your career to the beauty industry?

Mr. Yamazaki (hereafter Y ): When it comes to apparel, my taste may change depending on my age, but as I get older, Since I was born as a woman, beauty is something I can live with for the rest of my life. I thought it was.

Rather than focusing on my own techniques, I value suggestions that allow customers to continue self-maintenance. Help with self-development I mean Providing an environment where we can create “natural beauty” together I feel like I am.

Yamazaki-san’s clothes for this day are also wonderful♡

S. : Very nice... Natural beauty is great!

Y : originally myself, e.g. IH There are places where it is weak against frequencies such as microwave ovens, etc., so it is a natural school. I wonder if I have that kind of perspective for what I introduce at the salon and what I use myself. SOIE More than 95% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

S. : Nice to know! That's right. It was developed with the desire to create a product that can be used by everyone, from adults to children, so everyone can use it with peace of mind. It is an ingredient.

Y : I think I told you earlier that my salon policy is self-maintenance, but I value home care that customers can incorporate without worrying. Items that are natural but have immediate effect are attractive. SOIE It's really non-sticky and easy to use.

S. : SOIE We are developing it with the desire to be an item that can be used in everyday life. Care should be easy.

Mr. Yamazaki, what kind of care do you usually take?

Y : Actually, when I was in apparel, I used to have long nails.

I love nails so much that I've been doing nails since 3rd grade under the influence of a certain person. and thorough care I didn't even use nail clippers.

That's when you start a salon, you shorten your nails. I also started using nail clippers for the first time there. At first I was shocked that my nails were falling apart.

S. : Are you in 3rd grade? (Surprised) Consciousness is too high! it's great.

Y : When it comes to skin care, hand creams tend to be sticky.

To be honest, there are some items that don't feel comfortable to use... I really don't like using my computer after applying them.

That point SOIE teeth, Serum It is very easy to use and I like it.

I want to care, but I cover what I can't do at work.

It's simple, easy to implement, and has immediate effect.

I wonder if this is common to my salon and what I recommend to customers.

S. : Certainly, if the feeling of use is not good or if it is not effective, motivation will decrease. It's a shortcut to natural beauty to incorporate care as close as possible. SOIE Yamazaki-san, which scent do you like the most?

Y :the first LUXURY FLORAL It was nice to have a clean feeling, but I ELEGANT TIME I like the scent of It's classy, and I like the femininity of the lily scent. A gorgeous floral What makes women feel good I think that. Unscented for those who feel the scent is strong (CLEAR FREE) Isn't it good to mix and use it?

S. : Even such tricks! thank you.

(It's a scent that expresses an elegant and core woman, so it's perfect for Mr. Yamazaki...)

Last but not least, what kind of part is the "hand" for Mr. Yamazaki?

Y : Expression right. (immediate answer)

It's not as good as facial expressions, but I can express my feelings with my hands right.

I think that fashion is also often expressed by hands. The same goes for nails and accessories. A place where one's individuality and individuality are strongly expressed is not it.

S. : Thank you very much for your precious talks today.

On this day, Mr. Yamazaki had a diamond accessory shining casually on his hand, and when asked about it, he seems to prefer simple designs that snuggle up to him like lingerie.

The glossy skin with such a simple design is exactly what "natural beauty" is.

"Hands that make women beautiful" Yamazaki's salon is private, but Instagram

( @ salon_des_vioterrasse ), so if you are interested, please follow us.

This series will continue irregularly with the second and third installments.

Founder Saori (@ saori_ miyoshi) and

SALES Director Yosako (@ yosako.y_y)

I will visit people who want to hear "hand story" (・ω・)/

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